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Iran Abro

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IRANABRO group , proud of many years experience in producing many sorts of polymer manufactures

Diverse polymer valves , immune greenhouse , covering against sun , wide agriculture nylons moreover
providing pieces and oprating facilities in under prossure modern irrigation system at service of beloved
iran farming and industrial.
we determined to investigation ,expantion and producing new manufactures and consistently produce
functional and the best services.

We Make The Best For The Best

.: Products
Robust industrial production of polymer polyacetal POM New irrigation system was developed with the approval of the Office With over 6 years of continuous presence in the market with different designs For use with 1 year warranty
Strength and convenient alternative to metal valves Resistant to natural factors
Included : Branch Valves , Drippers, Suture Tape & Drip Tape , PE Pipe (16mm) Fittings About PE Pipe(16mm)
Metallic & Polymeric Sprinklers Includes The famous Brands Of Internal & External Ambo,Perrot Vyr,Zm,Saroo Komet,Hunter
Preparation Of Pipe & Fittings By Famous Manufacturers (By Guarantee)
Polymeric Riser، Aluminum Riser, Galvanized Riser
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